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S. cerevisiae

gene: CDC28

allele: cdc28-1

protein: Cdc28p (the p is optional)

S. pombe

gene: cdc2+

allele: cdc2-1

protein: Cdc2

C. elegans

gene: ncc-1

allele: ncc-1(n3064)

protein: NCC-1

phenotype: Emb

E. coli

gene: metB
A gene is indicated by a 3 lowercase italic letters, followed by an uppercase italic letter when multiple genes function in a similar process. The three letters often indicate the function of the gene. If the function is unknown, the name starts with a y. Sometimes the uppercase letter also indicates a function, as in "O" for operator or "R" for repressor.

allele: metB1
An allele is indicated by a number following the gene name. If the specific gene of a class that is mutated is not known, the allele follows a hyphen (xyz-1).

phenotype: Met-
The phenotype is a three letter combination with the first letter capitalized. A superscript + or - can be added to indicate wild-type or mutant phenotype, and an R or S can be used to signify Resistance or Sensitivity to a particular drug or antibiotic (AmpR).